"Hajjan": A Thrilling Camel-Racing Sports Drama

From January 18, 2024, to January 21, 2024, the movie "Hajjan," directed by Palme d'Or-nominated Egyptian director Abu Bakr Shawky, is being screened in Saudi cinemas. The film narrates the story of Matar (Omar Alatawi) and his sacred bond with his camel Hofira. Set in the captivating world of camel racing, the film begins with Hofira's difficult birth, saved by Matar. Years later, Matar enters a race against the rival team led by Jasser (Abdulmohsen Al Nemer), after his brother, a camel jockey, tragically dies.

The film skillfully blends coming-of-age drama and sports suspense, featuring thrilling races and well-developed characters. Shawky, along with co-writers Omar Shama and Saudi Mufarrij Almajfel, has created a moving tale that also illustrates local culture. The performances, especially by Omar Alatawi, are noteworthy, capturing a range of emotions authentically.