New Stadium in Riyadh

The new Prince Mohammed ben Salmane Stadium, announced by Qiddiya Investment Company, is being constructed 40 minutes from Riyadh, in Qiddiya, at an elevation of 200 meters in the Tuwaiq mountains. Named after the Saudi Crown Prince, the stadium is designed to host a variety of sports, cultural, and entertainment events with its advanced technologies.

This announcement follows the Crown Prince's launch of Qiddiya's urban development plan, aimed at positioning Riyadh among the world's top ten urban economies and boosting regional tourism. The stadium might host matches for the 2034 Football World Cup and other sports such as rugby, boxing, mixed martial arts, and video gaming.

Unique features of the stadium include foldable and retractable floors, ceiling, and top walls, offering stunning views of the city. Display screens totaling 1.5 km in length will cover the exterior frame, some interior walls, and the roof, creating an immersive experience for visitors.

The stadium will also have an advanced air conditioning system, operating year-round without excessive energy consumption. An ecological lake beneath the stadium will collect rainwater to power an ice wall, ecologically cooling the indoor air.