A dialogue between arts events revolve around a cultural manifestation of any kind (exhibition, concert, book launch, ...). They are based on a dialogue between arts. Sculpture, make-up, gastronomy or painting, breaks down traditional artistic boundaries to create unique events meeting your expectations and maximising your project's impact. The idea is to increase the visibility and profitability of your project, while democratising its access and bringing exposure to new artists.

To find out more, here is a video of three participants who share their experience after a event. Entitled "Alwan", this event was a workshop organised at the Institute of the Arab World for the exhibition "Lights of Lebanon".

Upcoming events

Jismi – جسمي

Jismi – جسمي

The Body Positive Masterclass by Maud'Amour
Famous actress and dancer, who is used to performed in Parisian cabaret and Jean-Paul Gaultier's shows, Maud'Amour gives an exceptional masterclass celebrating body positivity & sensuality, breaking social norms and gender stereotypes.

Past events

Atelier Alwan

Alwan workshop

Creative workshop around the exhibition "Lights of Lebanon. Modern and contemporary art from 1950 to today" organized by the Arab World Institute. Accompanied by professionals, create your handmade 100% ceramic painting...