About us

About us

The concept — Maïa Tahiri

As a cultural platform dedicated to the Arab world and its artists, glob.art increases the visibility of the Arab artistic scene, creates partnerships between East and West and encourages cultural exchanges between the two shores of the Mediterranean. Between cultural review and plural artistic events, glob.art works to promote the Arab World and its talents.

The Journal — Jack Lang

The glob.art journal is a weekly summary of all cultural activities related to the Arab World. It records regional artistic events from all cultural fields (music, cinema, design, street art, ...) and highlights new talents. The journal raises awareness about the extraordinary regional artistic productivity , and it gives the opportunity to different organisations and institutions to establish partnerships and develop new projects with the Arab World.

The events — Dima, Donia & Amaury

Glob.art events revolve around a cultural manifestation of any kind (exhibition, concert, book launch, ...). They are based on a dialogue between arts. Sculpture, make-up, gastronomy or painting, glob.art breaks down traditional artistic boundaries to create unique events meeting your expectations and maximising your project's impact.

The idea is to increase the visibility and profitability of your project, while democratising its access and bringing exposure to new artists.