An emotional concert by soprano Ghada Ghanem

Accompanied by Samah Abi El Mona on accordion, Makram Abou El Hassan on double bass, Joelle Dibbs on oud, and Liban Aoun on percussion, Ghanem paid tribute to Gaza from wounded Beirut. The event, held at the City Theater in collaboration with the Nabu Museum, directed its proceeds to the Ghassan Abou Sitta Fund for Children. Ghanem, acting as a heritage scholar and anthropologist, performed songs that conveyed the pain, anger, and despair in Gaza, also highlighting truths often overshadowed by biased media.

The event also featured a performance by French soprano Julie Fuchs and other international artists, despite some security concerns. The evening emphasized solidarity with Palestine and served as a message of hope and peace. I took place on January, 21st.