Support for the Palestinian Cause: An Art Exhibition in Iraq

The art exhibition organized by the Department of Public Arts at the Iraqi Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Antiquities, in collaboration with the Women's Empowerment Departments and the Iraqi Media Network, showcased the support of Iraqi women for their counterparts in Gaza. Coinciding with Baghdad being named the Arab Women's Capital in 2023, the exhibition was held with the presence of Ali Owaid Al-Abadi, Director General of the Department of Public Arts, and Fadhel Al-Badrani, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture.

Over sixty artists demonstrated their human conscience toward Palestine through their artworks. The exhibition highlighted the severe violations and sufferings endured by Palestinian women and people, including killings, displacements, and exterminations. Ali Owaid Al-Abadi emphasized the Ministry's moral and humanitarian duty to support the Palestinian people. Contributions from Nada Al-Jubouri, former MP and director of the Iraqi Women and Future Organization, and artists Sarab Ibrahim and Ali Kadhim, added depth to the exhibition's message.