Tigrane Kazazian Band

On January 17, 2024, New Morning in Paris features the Tigrane Kazazian Trio, showcasing their new album "Still Love". Led by Tigrane Kazazian, a Franco-Armenian oud player born in 1987, the trio presents a unique musical experience blending jazz, Oriental, and Western music.

Kazazian, who grew up in Egypt and lived in France, Canada, Armenia, and trained at the national conservatory of Yerevan, brings a rich cultural fusion to his music. His approach to the oud, a traditional instrument, is akin to an expert singer in acrobatic vocalizations, taking the listener on a spiritual trance around haunting Oriental melodies.

"Still Love" is described as a magical and deeply melodic album, where each instrument appears to sing. Kazazian's music is a harmonious synthesis between Arab and Western musical traditions, respecting tradition while exploring new meditative soundscapes.

The Tigrane Kazazian Ban also includes Lucy Khanyan on keyboards and Thomas Ostrowiecki on percussion, with a special appearance by singer BlauBird. Their performance promises to be a fascinating journey through various cultures and musical styles.