Beirut: « We3itéh ? »

In Beirut, the play "We3itéh?" (Did You Wake Up?) is being showcased at District 7 from January 19th to February 11th. Written, directed, and performed by Ziad Najjar, the play offers a multifaceted narrative mirroring its characters, spanning over fifty minutes. It delves into Lebanon’s civil war, the ongoing economic crisis, and the Beirut port explosion.

Ziad Najjar, born in 1982, pursued film studies at ALBA and began his career under the tutelage of his father, Marwan Najjar, a renowned Lebanese scriptwriter, director, and creator of plays and sitcoms. Starting as a stage manager and theatre producer, he ventured into directing TV films, including noteworthy works like "Sabet We Nabet" on Al-Jadeed channel, "3ayléh mat3oub A3laya" on MTV, and "Wassiyat Ab" on Al-Manar channel. After a stint behind the camera in Saudi Arabia, Najjar collaborated with several producers before venturing into theatre and cinema.