The Mir'a association and cultural hub

Created in December 2021, Mir'a - or mirror in Arabic - was launched with a concert in Paris by Egyptian artist Hamza Namira on 20 March 2022. The aim of the Paris-based association, led by four creative Egyptians - Nadine el-Guiddawy, Hussein Ghaly, Adham and Omar el-Charkawy - is to showcase new talent from the MENA region, while changing the narrative around the region in the West through the power of art.

Between exhibitions and concerts, the 2024 season promises to be rich in cultural events, starting with the concert by Syrian duo Skhoon at the Bataclan in Marseille and Paris on 9 and 10 February.

"The artists we 'bring back' to Europe act as ambassadors for their countries. Through them, audiences discover a culture that they are not necessarily familiar with." - Nadine el-Guiddawy.
Find her on Instagram: @miraintl

Presentation of Shkoon by Le Bataclan: "In 2016, German producer Thorben Tüdelkopf and Syrian refugee musician Ameen Khayr joined forces to create the duo Shkoon. Between the warmth of electronic rhythms and the depth of Arabic song, their collaboration has never ceased. Here they are, taking to the stage at Le Bataclan on 10 February, bursting with emotion, telling tales of exile and hope. It's magnificent, and not to be missed under any circumstances".