2024 Cairo International Book Fair

The 55th Cairo International Book Fair is scheduled from January 26th to February 6th, 2024 at the Egypt International Exhibition Center in New Cairo. As the largest and oldest book fair in the MENA region, established in 1969, it serves as a hub for Arab authors, publishers, and storytellers. This year's fair features 550 events, 5,250 exhibitors, with Norway as the guest country.

Visitors will find a diverse range of Arabic, English, and international books, including a significant collection of Islamic books and educational materials for children. The entry ticket costs EGP 5 (about USD 0.16), granting access to the fair and all public events. The fair plays a pivotal role in promoting Arabic literature globally, contributing to the field of translation and cultural exchange. It hosts seminars, lectures, art exhibitions, and fosters global dialogue among writers and scholars, promoting cross-cultural understanding​​​​​​.