Essaouira - The City of the Wind

The photographic exhibition by the Spanish writer and journalist Iban Gorriti, titled "Essaouira - Haize Uria" (Essaouira - The City of the Wind), is open from January 16 to February 18. This event features two distinct parts. The first part showcases a series of twelve black and white portraits capturing individuals from the High Atlas, including the author's own children, establishing an emotional link between the author's Basque identity and the Amazigh culture. The second part reveals twenty photographs that trace Gorriti's twenty years of life in Morocco. These works, printed on special textured paper, aim to evoke memories and sensations related to his travels in Morocco, both past and present. Gorriti seeks to create a distinct universe through his photographs, characterized by a cohesive aesthetic and a sense of nostalgia. The images, mostly captured outdoors, are presented in large format and in black and white technique, enriched with color textures to evoke dreamlike emotions and memories. This retrospective is also a tribute to the city of Essaouira, the generosity of its inhabitants, and the union of cultures and languages. Gorriti emphasizes the deep connection that binds the inhabitants of the city, despite linguistic and cultural barriers, and celebrates the city for its unique ambiance, marked by trade winds, daily conversations by the port, and the constant presence of the Atlantic Ocean.