Dubai: « Art Here »

Saudi artists Zahrah Al-Ghamdi, Sarah Brahim and Alaa Tarabzouni have been shortlisted for the Richard Mille Art Prize and will have their work showcased at the Louvre Abu Dhabi's forthcoming "Art Here" exhibition, which runs from 24 November to 18 February.

The designers are joined by four other artists from the region: Hashel Al-Lamki from the United Arab Emirates, Farah Behbehani from Kuwait, Syrian siblings Sawsan and Bahar Al-Bahar and Indian artist Nabla Yahya.

This year, the candidates will work on the theme of "Transparency" through a range of original sculptures and installations.

"Waterdust", for example, pays tribute to the Syrian craft of glassblowing, threatened by the war. The sculptural installation is placed around a Damascene fountain, establishing a new parallel with a second Syrian skill, but also recalling the threat posed by the capital (symbol of the government) to the rest of the country and its survival.

Zahrah Al Ghamdi's art piece recounts the negative effects of human activity on the planet. The installation takes the form of a tree, twisted and surrounded by animal bones and waste. Plastic curtains surround the tree. The work is intended as a powerful reminder of the effects of climate change and of mankind's duty to preserve the health of the Earth.

In collaboration with Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille, the Louvre Abu Dhabi launched the second edition of the Richard Mille Art Prize with the "Louvre Abu Dhabi Art Here" exhibition. The $60,000 prize is intended to be a platform of support and recognition for artists who contribute to pushing the boundaries of contemporary art in the United Arab Emirates.