Palestinian Artistic Expression at the 'Solidarity with Palestine' Exhibition

The "Solidarity with Palestine" exhibition, running until March 28 at Darat al Funun/Khalid Shoman Foundation in Amman, provides a powerful platform for Palestinian artistic expression. It highlights the devastating impact of conflicts and wars on humans and celebrates the spirit of resistance in its human dimension, advocating for justice and peace.

The displayed works, created by various Palestinian artists, employ a variety of artistic media, ranging from drawing and photography to calligraphy and poetry. The techniques used by artists like Samira Badran, Jumana Emil Abboud, and Rula Halawani are diverse, including acrylic painting, collage, ink drawing, pencil, and manual interventions on photos.

Samira Badran uses her works to denounce the violent practices of the occupation in Palestine. Her techniques vary between acrylic drawing, collage, and ink drawing.

Jumana Emil Abboud explores themes such as memory, loss, adaptation, and anxiety through her works, which include drawing, video, and text.

Rula Halawani documents the Israeli separation wall, highlighting its impact on Palestinian life.

Mona Hatoum's works stand out for their ability to captivate the viewer's attention, using ordinary materials to represent the situation under occupation. One of her works, "Lamp," contains hollow shapes of soldiers, creating an encircling effect on the walls.

Khaled Hourani delves into the details of everyday life and political events shaping reality, often with a touch of black sarcasm, to underscore the ongoing suffering of the Palestinian people.

Amal Jasser presents works executed in various media, addressing themes of transformation, resistance, and documentation, and highlighting marginalized historical stories.

The exhibition provides an essential platform to showcase the struggling Palestinian cultural scene and artistic expression as a means of resistance and identity preservation.