A Musical Tribute by 150 Algerian Artists for Palestine

A grand concert of solidarity with Palestine was held at the Ibn Zeydoun hall in Riadh El Feth, Algiers, on January 20. This significant event, titled "Al Qods (Jerusalem) in the heart and in the song," featured the participation of more than 150 Algerian artists, showcasing their unwavering support for the Palestinian cause.

The concert was marked by the presence of eminent figures from the Algerian cultural scene, including the renowned singer Noureddine Bechtarzi, the famous interpreter of Chaabi music Kamel Bourdib, the young talent Kenza Morsli, and the celebrated group El Dey. Their performances were a blend of various musical styles, resonating with the theme of solidarity and support for the Palestinian people.

This event, organized by the Office Riadh El Feth (Oref) in collaboration with the Algerian Ministry of Culture, was a vibrant demonstration of cultural unity and political solidarity. The Algerian artists, through their art, expressed a strong message of support and fraternity towards the Palestinian people, echoing the sentiments of the entire Algerian nation.