Next Christie's sale focuses on North Africa

Christie's new sales exhibition in Paris, entitled "Spectres Visibles", features works by artists from the Maghreb and its diaspora, exploring themes such as belonging, migration and cultural decolonisation.

From 27 January to 11 February, the exhibition highlights the rich artistic continuum of North African art. The 40 works by 23 artists include modern figures such as Mohamed Melehi, Ahmed Cherkaoui and Hatem El Mekki, as well as contemporary artists such as Nadia Ayari, Malika Agueznay and Rachid Koraichi.

The exhibition, organised in collaboration with several galleries, aims to celebrate and visually decolonise North African artistic language, showing its global influences and resonances.

A round table discussion on the trajectory and influence of North African art will be held at 9 Avenue Matignon, Paris 8e, on 1 February, with artists Bouchichi, Nadia Kaabi-Linke and Masinissa Selmani.