A Palestinian Focus in a Collective Exhibition in Tunis

"The Flood and the Tree", featuring seven Palestinian artists, commenced on January 24th at the B7L9 Center in Tunis. The event, set to continue until March 24th, weaves a complex narrative intertwining everyday life with the concept of community, extending beyond the conventional scope of exhibitions. The artworks reflect the varied experiences of Palestinian artists from both the diaspora and occupied territories, delving into critical themes like memory, place, imagination, and daily life perception, spanning across artistic installations, painting, video, photography, and music.

This exhibition depicts the Palestinian people's resilience against hardships, fostering hope for the future. The title, inspired by Palestinian poet Fadwa Touqan's poem, represents endurance amidst adversity. The exhibit raises vital questions about life post-storm: how to remember, mourn, and persist.

Featured artists include Firas Shahadeh, Walid Al-Wawi, Niryian Kyuwan, Dina Nazmi Khourshid, Sara Rashq, Shadi Habib Allah, and "Bint Mubarak".