Boosting Economic Relations: The Saudi-Moroccan Forum in Riyadh

The General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM), in collaboration with the Saudi Chambers of Commerce, organized a visit to Riyadh for a delegation of over 100 Moroccan companies representing 15 economic sectors. The objective was to explore commercial partnership and investment opportunities between Morocco and Saudi Arabia. The event included the Saudi-Moroccan Economic Forum at the headquarters of the Saudi Chambers of Commerce, highlighting the investment environment and opportunities in both countries, as well as the role of funds and financial partners.

The agenda also featured a meeting of the Saudi-Moroccan Business Council, bilateral meetings between representatives of companies from both countries to discuss cooperation and partnerships, and visits to various corporate and governmental entities. This initiative aimed to explore investment opportunities in various sectors, including agriculture, industry, finance, renewable energies, real estate, construction, services, health, and technology.