35 Roman Archaeological Pieces Join the Abdelmadjid Meziane Museum in Chlef

On January 22, 2024, the Directorate of Culture and Arts of Médéa handed over 35 Roman-era archaeological pieces to the "Abdelmadjid Meziane" National Public Museum in Chlef. This transfer, authorized by the supervising ministry, aligns with the law on cultural heritage protection. The artifacts, found at the Saneg site in Medea, include mills, a large "Dolia" jar for cereal storage, terracotta objects, and epitaphs.

Mahmoud Hasnaoui, the Director of Culture in Chlef, emphasized that these items were preserved and stored following existing standards and will be studied and reported on before joining the museum's exhibition collections. Faiza Benallal, the Director of the Chlef Museum, appreciated this operation, showcasing the coordination between the country's museum institutions for archaeological discoveries' protection.

The "Abdelmadjid Meziane" Museum houses various archaeological collections, including clay objects, pottery, coins, and pieces from prehistoric times, the Roman era, Islamic civilization, Ottoman period, and colonial Algeria. Rehabilitation efforts are underway to enhance the museum's appeal and expand its offerings.